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[as a senior executive], you get paid to make a small number of high-quality decisions. Your job is not to make thousands of decisions every day.(Photo by Sunrise King on Unsplash)

In the spring of 2020, over 250 Million Americans — not to mention most of the world — became confined to their homes overnight. Just about every state was issuing “stay at home” or “shelter in place” orders.

Amazon, an e-commerce juggernaut, was surprised when they suddenly needed to use…

Today, we humans experience fear, thinking it is a natural emotion, when in fact, it’s the anxiety we really feel. But our sedentary lives characterized by endless distractions, we have muted that inner instinct. (Image:

I’ve known fear.

The first time I encountered, it was in 1985.

I was returning home from a part-time job I had in high school. My baby brother made me promise to bring him a bag of chips.

So, I stepped off the bus on my way home and swung…

Communication is at the root of all business strengths — and weaknesses. When things go wrong, and employees become upset, whether, at a restaurant, a law firm, a hardware store, a university, or a major corporation, nine times out of ten, the justifiable complaint is, “We need to communicate more effectively.” (Photo: istockphoto)

Imagine you are a Painted Reed Frog in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

It’s a beautiful sunny day, and you are serenely sitting on a lily pad in a pond.

You’re not alone. There are a few of you enjoying what the Delta has to offer.

For the fun of…

John Belizaire

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