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Serial Entrepreneur. CEO. Investor. Advisor. Lifelong Learner. Managing Editor of — a pub full of stories and sage advice for CEOs. Top Writer.
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Communication is at the root of all business strengths — and weaknesses. When things go wrong, and employees become upset, whether, at a restaurant, a law firm, a hardware store, a university, or a major corporation, nine times out of ten, the justifiable complaint is, “We need to communicate more effectively.” (Photo: istockphoto)

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On 4.20.21 — a year later — we witnessed something special.

It is why I stress the importance of finding solitude. Staying healthy. Focusing on sleep hygiene — getting at least 7–8 hours every night. Taking long runs. Connecting with my family and friends in a fully present way. (Photo by Josephine Gasser on Unsplash)

When I run, I am present in the moment. I feel the blood course through me, my lungs filling with air, and my vision becomes crisper. (Photo by Arek Adeoye on Unsplash)

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John Belizaire

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