John Belizaire

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This is your check-in…

How are you doing?

The year is over.

Focus on the WINS.

You’re doing a good job.

What you do is hard.

Last. Year. Was. Hard.

You’ve done the best you can.

You’re appreciated.

As leaders, we often forget to celebrate the wins and take stock of what we did well.

Appreciate yourself and know you are valued by your peers, your board, your team, and most of all your family.

(I am looking at a mirror as I write this. Go ahead find one. And read this message again to yourself. )

All the best in 2022.

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John Belizaire

John Belizaire

CEO of Soluna. I am learning to be a better CEO — and getting 1% better every day. I share my stories from 20+ yrs experience on